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Standing order
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Standing Order

This works like a savings scheme and all oil prices must be paid in full before or on delivery.

Firstly, download your Standing Order Form here. Fill and complete the form and send it to your bank.

Decide how much you wish to pay each month and decide which date of the month you wish your payment to be taken.

Note: You can cancel your standing order at any time. Your standing order will continue until you cancel it.

How it works

Let's say you chose to pay £50 each month and selected your payment to go out on the 3rd of every month. After four months of saving you now have a credit of £200 with Oil Direct Ltd.

If you decided on 17th April that you need 500 litres of oil (normal price £310), it will cost you just £110. Simply contact Oil Direct to make your purchase and settle the outstanding sum before or on delivery of your purchase.

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